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Happy Halloween

Good day all…I hope your ready for the big night…that’s right…stock up on the candy, turn the lights out, watch a movie and hope no one comes trick or treating 🙂

Can’t wait to take the kids out tonight.  Caleb is going to be Percy the Train again and Abi will be the Green M&M.  So cute!  I’ll try to post pictures tomorrow.

Well, I’m still feeling sick, but not as sick as I was 2 days ago…so that’s a good thing.  Lots to get done before I head to Banff this weekend!  So, have a fun and SAFE night!  I’d love to hear some of your favorite costume stories tomorrow….who came to your house??

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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. A green M&M?! How adorable! My favorite visitor was a miniature Blue from Blue’s Clues. It was “Blue’s” first trick-or-treating, and she was scared when I answered the door!

    1. Aww…so sweet. We had a couple of kids come to our place .. one was a pony and the other was Little Bow Peep from Toy Story…aside from my own kids..they were my favorite

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