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For Sale Part 2-Options

So I have picked up some new yarn.  I have three orders on the go at the moment, but I thought you would like to see what I have for options.  The scarves (like the pink one shown below) are selling for $25 each with $20 going towards my goal for Team Diabetes.

If you see something you like, let me know the color 🙂  Don’t worry, if the color you want ends up being spoken for, I can always get more (I only have one of each color at the moment)

2013-10-24 08.29.32
This is my first order… Finished. Sadly I can not get this yarn anymore as it was put out for Breast Cancer month. If I happen to find some I will let you know.
2013-10-24 11.12.59
Classy Navy
2013-10-24 11.13.22
2013-10-24 11.13.52
Rusty Red
2013-10-24 11.14.21
Bright Blue
2013-10-24 11.14.56
Purple Fun (Top) Green Earth (Middle) Sherbet Surprise (Bottom)
2013-10-24 11.15.07
Purple Gumdrop (Top) Green Gumdrop (Bottom)
2013-10-24 11.15.34
Bright Purple (Top) Teal Blue (Left) White White (Right)

Thank you again for your support!  Have a great weekend!


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