The One Pound Plan

Walking Update

Hello! Hello! from Wednesday Land!  I trust your day is going swimmingly!  If not, I’m so sorry, have a HUG! and Chocolate….chocolate usually helps!

Way back in June I talked about how Pamela and I decided to walk the distance from Rome to Venice.  That was 228(ish) miles…well I am happy to report we have blown that out of the water.  We have officially (as of Monday) walked 234.12 miles!  I can hear the cheering already!  That is a lot of miles!  It’s no wonder my “new” shoes are needing to be replaced already!  If I had know then that I was going to be joining Team Diabetes, I would have asked for $1 for every mile we walked…oh well, next time 🙂

It has been a great summer of walking, laughing, crying, yelling (yes, we yelled our frustrations out sometimes, after all we were the only ones out there usually) and even peaceful quiet times.  I am blessed to have a walking partner who pushes and doesn’t let me give in to my own bad attitude and who encourages me to just keep going–even when I feel defeated!  So, I’m sending out a HUGE thank you and hug to you Pamela!  You will never know how much these past few months have meant (maybe you do) I love ya my friend…looking forward to a winter of work outs!

On that note…Time to get on with my day!  Have a great week!


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