The One Pound Plan

Where do I begin

Hello and welcome to Tuesday, October 22, 2013.  Today’s lesson will be about the effects of winter and food on my life.  Are you ready?  Let us begin.

It’s simple really…..Winter comes, I eat, I gain wait.  The End.

Ok, class dismissed.  There will be a surprise pop quiz tomorrow about the effects of absolute laziness on the human body…hint, the answer will be the same as today’s lesson!

Ok, ok…..seriously.  The last couple of weeks have been horrible as far as my One Pound Plan are concerned.  Instead of losing any, I have gained a bunch.  So, here it is:

Weight: 270

Goal: 269

Three weeks ago I forgot to weigh myself.  The following week I weighed in but didn’t want to share what the number was, hoping I could do something about it over the next week.  Then last week I weighed in again and saw I had gained more and then I was just frustrated and embarrassed!  This morning I am just pissed off! (sorry for the language, but it’s the truth)  The question is though….am I pissed off enough to smarten up??!!

I’ve talked about this before and I feel like a broken record…I love food.  But what I haven’t talked about before, I don’t think, is that I used to love alcohol too!  I didn’t drink for any reason than I LOVED to drink.  I LOVED the feeling of being drunk.  I have been sober since January 2003 (I was baptized the June before) But those habits are still there I think.  I have replaced them with other things…like food, coffee, YARN! I LOVE to eat…I love the feeling of being full!  It’s the same satisfaction to me.  If that makes any sense at all!

I don’t know where this is all going to go from here on out.  All I do know is that I am so tired of this cycle, so tired of letting myself down, so tired of being embarrassed that I need to do something about it.  I MUST do something about it.  So if anyone has any ideas of how to change my LOVE of food into a healthy thing I am open to suggestions!  I mean loving food isn’t a bad thing…its the uncontrollable eating of BAD food that is the problem!

I guess that’s the other side of the coin.  Food isn’t a bad thing to love….It’s the bad food that is the problem…chips, pizza, pop, hamburgers from McDonald’s.  Bla Bla Bla….you get the point,  I just have to LOVE good food and smaller amounts.  Easy…right?

Oh well….that’s all I have to say about that.  I won’t let this entry end on a low note though I promise!  There have been some good things happening over the past couple of weeks.

Although my weight is going back up, I’m curious to see my measurements.  Those jeans I got a while back?  They are a touch big now in the butt and legs…so, possibly some shrinkage going on there.  I will be doing measurements in the next couple of weeks when I have found my tape measure 🙂

I also did my walk this past weekend and it was amazing!  I was so stiff and tired after but it felt good because it was worth it.

On the home front, Abi is now walking…the world is no longer safe…her cuteness has gone mobile and it won’t be long before she is running laps around me…literally!  🙂

I value and love all the support and encouragement I get from me friends and family…thank you for reading and putting up with the broken record that is my weight loss journey….it feels good to get it out.  I will do better next week for sure!

Here are my goals:

Menu planning–check!

Walking/gym: getting membership today so either way I will be doing something EVERYDAY!

WATER: look out coffee, your getting a job cut…Water will be taking on a bigger role!

SMILE/LAUGH:  I will do even more of that…it’s god for the soul and when I’m happy and I know it…well, I eat less and clap my hands 🙂

BIBLE:  READ IT!  It is my source of strength and hope.  He is my strength when I am weak…

Speaking of walking….look at the time.  It’s 5am….time to get the shoes out, and the mittens on…the sky has been leaking white stuff off and on since yesterday, EWW!

Have a very blessed day!  What will you be doing to get moving today??

BIG HUGS AND KISSES!!! and off I go!

PS:  what do you think of the new look/name?


6 thoughts on “Where do I begin”

  1. Love the new look J! And again, I am proud of you – being this vulnerable is tough… and I commend you for being so open. The first thing I am going to suggest, is the thing I have been doing for a week or two now – praying for a love for healthy choices. That’s it. That I would think of an apple in the same way as I think of chocolate cake. That my eyes are opened to the effects of that cake… and the lack of nutrition in it. Call me!

    1. Ahhh Becky…Thank you for your encouragement and reminder of what I need to do 🙂 I do pray but have never prayed that before. This will be a big help.
      Love you my friend…I’ll call you this week after the kidos are in bed 🙂

  2. I understand your struggle. I am praying for you. Read about the foods you eat. Information is one of the keys to motivation and redirection. I too commend you for being transparent that takes strength and character.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement and prayers. Reading about foods it also a great idea, one I have thought of and heard about before but never take the time to do. I shall try this as well 🙂 Knowledge is power 🙂 Thank you again and have a blessed week!

  3. LOVE the new look, Jenn! And *especially* love your 10+ years of sobriety. That is unbelievably inspiring- thank you for sharing. My mother suffered alcohol & drug addiction through my childhood that eventually caused her to leave my sister and me… it makes me so happy that your kids have you to love them and to set a positive example.
    Why is all the tasty stuff so bad for us?? I find that forcing myself into an eating routine (where I plan out healthy meals and snacks and don’t give myself other options) helps. I also agree with Kay about reading what goes into food… that helped me give up some of the really nasty stuff for good. 🙂

    1. Thank you….I feel blessed to be here for them….
      I don’t know why all the “good” stuff is bad…the other day chocolate was my worst enemy! It was everywhere…being close to Halloween and all I guess…but I broke out in a sweat and eventually caved in…today was much better…no more chocolate staring me down. My menu isndone up for the next two weeks and its full of tasty stuff…should be good 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement…it means a lot… 🙂 🙂

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