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Guess What

Friday 2

That’s right!  It’s Friday!  I am so happy about that!  This weekend we are having some people for another small gathering for Abi’s 1st birthday.  Last weekend we kept it small because  everyone was just getting over being sick.  Now I get to see the people I canceled on!  I can’t wait!  When I worked at Western, I would see some of these people everyday!  Now it’s a long time in between visits and that makes me sad.  So I’m thankful for excuses to get together.  Here are some pictures from last weekend….

The cake was amazing! We will actually be having it this weekend. We ate all the cupcakes last weekend…
She really likes the top..
Caleb was busy handing out cupcakes to everyone
She is not only a great friend and walking buddy…she’s the maker of the amazing cake! I can’t thank her enough!

Well…have a great weekend!  Got plans??


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