The One Pound Plan

Happy Wind Day

WTPVeryBlusteryDayWho doesn’t like Winnie The Pooh!  The Blustery Day was one of my favorite movies of his.  And today, I’m living it!  It is really windy today!  This morning was very cold and blustry!  Not great when your fighting a head cold




Well…no bother…It’s that time of the week…weigh in time.  As I mentioned yesterday, I was sure it wouldn’t be good.  I was surprised!  It wasn’t as bad as I was ready for.

Weight: 266

Goal: 265

SO, today is October 1st!  A new month!  A new set of goals!  Here we go…The Crazy Train is leaving right now!!!

1. Make sure I do my sit-ups and push-ups every night.

2. get ahead on my homework so I can relax and do some yarning.

3. get my next fundraiser ready to go.

4. Set up a rotating 2 week menu and get into a good eating habit.

5. WALK!

6. Drink more water (funny, that one is always on my goal list!)

7. YARN!  finish projects!

I think that’s it.  I’m sure I will come up with more as I go, but this is a good place to start.  Until next week!  Have a great one and try not to get blown away!



2 thoughts on “Happy Wind Day”

  1. Winnie the Pooh is one of my very favorite books… perhaps perfect for reading in bed with a mug of tea on a blustery day? I hope that nasty head cold goes away soon!

    1. Absolutly! I have my grandmothers very old copy of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh…its falling apart…love it! I had the Blustery Day song…if not all the songs from the movie … stuck in my head all day! Kind of puts a spring in your step! Hahahaha

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