Team Diabetes, The One Pound Plan

Walking update and other ramblings

Well, it’s been a tough couple of weeks as far as walking goes.  If it’s not the weather, it’s no sleep or being sick that has kept me from getting my steps in.  And there aren’t too many more days left…well I will walk until it’s too cold or there is too much snow on the ground!  So far my total miles since June are 191.38 🙂

The past couple of weeks have also been tough as far as my weight goes.  There are soo many great warm you up foods out there that with all the rain and cooler weather I am eating.  Muffins, hot chocolate, fresh chocolate chip cookies!  Want to know a great way to sabotage your weight loss efforts??  Make chocolate chip cookies at 9 o’clock at night while your kids are sleeping and your husband is at work.  No one to see you sneak cookie dough or the 2 (or 5) fresh cookies out of the oven!  SHEESH!  What was I thinking!  HAHAHA….Oh well, they were darn good and I’m not going to feel guilty about it.  🙂

But it’s those things that keep me from making bigger strides in my weight loss…time to get down and serious!  Time to sew my mouth shut and go on a liquid diet!  Or have you seen the latest thing…a piece of mesh plastic stitched to your tongue for a period of time and you are limited to liquids and soft foods?  If you eat something that makes you swallow to hard it HURTS so you don’t want to eat!  NO WAY!  But it works for some people.  I just have to put my head in the right frame and get serious again!

I am going to be…shhh…40 this June.  I would like to be in a good healthy place both in my weight and my eating habits.  My kids need to see me making good choices, need to see me being active and to also get them active with me.  My dad keeps telling me–“It’s not about the best diets or the next best work out.  It’s about changing your lifestyle.  With out doing that the diets won’t work, the work outs won’t last.”  And he’s right.  I have proven that to him and myself many times over this past couple years.   The question is, how many times will I KEEP proving that before it sticks? Well, maybe today is the day it all changes.

Maybe today I resolve that …for today… I will eat responsibly.  I will move with my kids for 20 minutes.   I will make a plan for tomorrow.  And I will promise to not give up on myself.  I am worth these changes.  I am worth taking care of myself.  I AM WORTH IT ALL!  And if I fall today, tomorrow, next week, next month, I will get back up and start at the beginning.

Ok, I’m done being a Debbie Downer.  I can honestly say that I am VERY proud of the work I have done this summer.  I feel confident that, as I get back on track, I will make it!  It’s been a great time walking and I’m looking forward to getting into the gym.  Also, I will be getting paired up with a trainer for Team Diabetes so they can help get me ready for my Half Marathon in Scotland.  I have been thinking about trying to run part of it.  I will see what the trainer says.  It would be a great thing to accomplish!  My 40th birthday will be a HUGE celebration of SUCCESS!  Not just getting older 🙂

Well, I pray you all have a very blessed weekend!  I will be celebrating Abi’s first birthday tomorrow–pictures to follow–and visiting some great friends!  Talk to y’all on Tuesday for my weigh in!


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