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Good Morning!  Good Morning!  Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday!  Can you smell that?  Fall is in the air and I love it!  The only thing I don’t love is that I go into hibernation mode and want t eat everything in site!  YIKES!

Well it’s another week down and so is the weight!  Not by much but the scale is moving in the right direction!

Weight: 264

Goal: 263

I had so hoped to have lost 15 or so pounds over the summer.  But life happens and so I keep trying!  This past weekend no one–accept Caleb–slept as Abi was sick.  She still isn’t feeling great but I was able to get a few hours of sleep in before her second wake up call at 3am.  It was so great to get back to walking today too.  Here’s hoping the rest of the week keeps getting better!

On another note…I have officially passed the $600 dollar mark in my fundraising for Team Diabetes!  I’m at $625!  There is still some time left to pledge my walking time for my 6 hour walk on October 19th.  So far I have 1 hour and 15 minutes pledged!  AWESOME!  I can’t wait to walk the whole 6 hours!  So keep it going folks!

Well, I will leave you with this fall funny I found on Pintrest this morning!  Have a Super Duper week!  Until next time! Keep on walking!

Found on Pintrest
Found on Pintrest

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