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Treasured Find

I have “met” some great people in this world of Blogging.  One lovely lady shares the same passion for purses as I do!  So when she posted about her latest find I had to share with her my latest find as well.  However, I wasn’t able to send her pictures through our comments so, I decided I would share it with her, and all of you, through a post.


It’s so much fun!  It has way more room than I will ever need, but that’s handy for carrying diapers and wipes when I’m out with the kids…no extra diaper bag needed 🙂  It is also great for taking my yarn with me!


SO there it is…it was free…it is perfect!  I LOVE IT!


4 thoughts on “Treasured Find”

    1. I forgot to tell you…I think it’s really funny that my post about my purse was #100! hahahaha….It made me laugh a little! So CONGRATS! You were mentioned in Blog 100 of mine 🙂 have a super duper day!

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