The Road Home

I got nothing…

So, it’s Tuesday and it’s time for another weigh in…There is nothing to report…Nothing has changed.  I feel like this is a good thing.  I didn’t go down true, BUT I didn’t go UP either!

Weight: 265

Goal: 264

I don’t have anything else to say really.  It’s been an alright week!  Trials of a 4 year old making up for missing his 2-year attitude and a nearly 1 year old ready to walk but prefers not to just yet (That’s fine with me!)

I hope you all have a great week!  I know I will!  I think I will finally be getting my gym membership this week!  So, be watching for new measurements in the next little while (I want to see where I’m starting before adding weights to my routine!)  I was also told I will be hooked up to a trainer for my half-marathon in Scotland real soon.  That will be nice.  I almost want to try running…we will see what they say!  It would be nice to run even 5 of the 13 miles I’ll be doing!  What a goal that will be to meet!

Well, until next time all!  Cheers!  Get out there before Ol’ Man Winter takes our outdoor fun away!


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