The One Pound Plan

A Quick Hello

Hi….ok talk to ya later!  hahaha…just kidding!  I missed my weigh in report yesterday so I’m going to do a quick update today.

Weight: 265

Next Goal: 264

I didn’t walk this morning because I had a horrible headache!  I still have it actually, but with life and kids, who needs a break right!?  hahahaha…I’m still smiling and trucking along!  Tomorrow I’ll be back at my walks, although it sounds it will be cold as they are calling for only 2 overnight and frost…yep, Fall is pushing its way into the world.  I can’t wait to be honest!  I love the smells of fall…don’t you?


Have a great day folks!  Keep moving in the direction you are heading…you’ll get there!!




2 thoughts on “A Quick Hello”

    1. 🙂 Thank you! It’s getting harder as it’s soooo dark in the mornings now! It’s hard to drag my butt out of bed! Oh Well…soon I’ll be in the gym wishing I could be outdoors to work out…way to soon I think! Have a great week! Thanks for all the encouragement!

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