Team Diabetes

Team Diabetes Update-New Challenge Issued

teamdiabetesHello to you all in Blog Land! So, I thought I would give a little update, renew the challenge I set out a few weeks ago and issue a new one.

As I have posted before, I am joining other members of Team Diabetes Canada in Edinburgh Scotland next May in a half marathon.  To date I have raised $215.00.

On September 13-14 I am having a fundraising garage sale. I have made some face clothes and face scrubbies that I will be selling for $5.00/set (I can take orders if you want more than I have available) If you are in the Regina area, do stop by. Even if you don’t want to buy anything there will be an opportunity for you to pledge this awesome cause!

Just a little side note: Of the money I need to raise ($6100.00 by the end of April 2014) only about $1500 (give or take) of that covers the cost of the trip. The rest of the money raised goes to the Diabetes Association. I thought that was a good thing to know!

So, the old challenge: If you would pledge $15.00 and then ask (share this blog or the link to my Team Diabetes page) 3 of your friends to pledge $15.00 and then have them ask 3 of their friends…and so on…it’s not a lot but every little bit helps!

The NEW Challenge: Send a kid to camp! The cost of having a kid at camp is $2000.00. I don’t expect you to donate that much of course. But every dollar raised helps reach that cost. The fee for the camper pays is between $50(getting help from D-Camps) to $350 (with a little help from D-Camps) So, if you feel like you would like to help in this way my challenge is this…why not round up a bunch (or a few) of your friends and put money together to help cover the cost. Or, you can pledge on your own to help cover a campers fees. (These fees are based on a week long overnight camp with 24/hour medical staff on hand and activities)

Here is some information from the D-Camps website (
Why D-Camps?
From the moment your child was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes your entire world changed. Where you once were able to simply prepare meals for your family, you now have to consider glucose levels, weigh food, count carbs, adjust basal and bolus levels and find yourself obsessing over numbers. Even simple things like heading out for a family bike ride now involve remembering to pack snacks, juice boxes, test strips and glucagon. The younger your child was diagnosed the longer everyone in your family has had to accommodate the reality of diabetes into your lives. D-Camps is here to empower your child and help make that reality easier to manage.

Where kids with diabetes can simply be kids!
D-Camps helps kids indulge their sense of fun and adventure in a diabetes-friendly environment where they can:
~Meet and connect with other kids who share the same experiences and “get” diabetes. Often, friendships made at camp will last long after camp has ended.
~Participate in outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, campfires and archery that help promote self-esteem and personal growth.
~Learn how to self-manage diabetes in a supportive, nurturing environment. Kids return from camp less reliant on their parents and better able to manage day-to-day hurdles.

And that is that…I hope you will consider joining me in raising funds to support the more than 9 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

As promised, here is the link

If you would like more information about Team Diabetes Canada, or the Diabetes Association I have added their links below as well! Have a Super Duper week!


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