The One Pound Plan

See you in the morning

Found on Pintrest

It’s getting closer to fall…that means winter is coming too!   Winter will be the hardest time for me and my weight loss.  I know it will be.  When its cold all I want to do is sleep under lots of warm blankets…the bears have it right,  hibernation is the best thing to do in winter.  So I am going to have to find a way to beat those feelings.  I talked to Brian today about joining a gym.  He said he was fine with it…we try to always talk about where money is going…so on Saturday I’ll be joining a gym.  Until winter kicks up in full gear I will continue to walk the lake but I will add 3 days of gym on top of that.  When walking the lake is to hard I will mall walk or hit the gym more often. 

This weekend I will be reworking my menus.  I’ll keep them at 1500 calories a day but switch up the meals.  I’m ready for Old Man Winter….he will not keep me from my one pound a week goal.

Unfortunatly I have been doing that all by myself…tonight is a good example of that.  Oh well…I will not dwell here.  Tomorrow is a new day…a chance to have huge success. ..bring it on!   When I get up it wul be dark…fal is coming…by the time I’m half done my walk the sun will be rising…it’s an awesome sight!   See y’all in the morning….it’s time for some sleep…
Good Night!


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