The Road Home

Dropping for a Good Cause

Well, Happy Monday world! It’s another week beginning and I’m already looking forward to the weekend!
This past weekend I had the awesome chance to watch my friend and walking buddy, Pamela, repel down the side of a VERY TALL building! She took part in DropZone and raised just over $2200.00 for Easter Seals Saskatchewan! This women is a HUGE inspiration to me! I NEVER would have gone down the outside of a building (she has also jumped out of a perfectly good plane–something else I will NEVER do) but to watch her do it was amazing! She is terrified of heights but you wouldn’t know it watching her go! Here are some pictures

Look up...WAAAAYYY up!  And I'll go get a net!
Look up…WAAAAYYY up! And I’ll go get a net!
About 3/4 of the way down and she was doing great!

This girl is an amazing friend, encourager, women of God and inspiration! Love you my friend! You did a FANTASTIC job! I’m truly blessed to call you FRIEND!

Thanking God daily we are Friends!
Thanking God daily we are Friends!

Have a great week folks…go challenge yourself to step out of the normal everyday grind!


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