The One Pound Plan

Talk about a pain in the….back

It was a tough walk today.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but my lower back into my left hip is killing me! Walking is painful! There were a few times I wasn’t sure I’d still be standing if I took a step because my leg felt like it would buckle….it wasn’t fun…but we made it around the lake and I’m glad I went! I will be making an appointment with the icky back cracker today and see what he has to say…I don’t like chiropractors, but I hear they are a necessary thing once in a while…ugg!

Yeah for Coffee!
Yeah for Coffee!

And as most mornings when we walk, I picked up coffee and gave Pamela a little treat 🙂 There are more where these came from!

I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 2.81mi, time: 01:03:01, pace: 22:25min/mi, speed: 2.68mi/h.

Have a Super Duper weekend all! It’s Caleb’s 4th birthday on Sunday so we will be BBQing and celebrating!


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