The One Pound Plan

Square one….almost

To say I have enjoyed my time at home would be an understatement!  It has been a great time!  And judging by the scale this morning, I have REALLY enjoyed myself!  YIKES!!!  I am slightly disappointed in myself to be honest!  I feel like junk because I eat a lot of junk…and that’s my fault!  I love to eat!  and when everyone else is enjoying, so do I..I am weak when it comes to good tasty food!

I will not beat myself up though.  I kind of knew this would happen and have already got a “Bounce Back” plan going on in my head!  Step one!  STOP EATING JUNK!  Right now!  Step Two….get back into an eating routine…following my menu when I get home will be a huge help for that.  Step Three…Start drinking water again!  Lots of it!  Coffee isn’t a substitute for water!  Step Four…Forgive myself!  Well this should be step one actually, but these are mostly guidelines and there really isn’t an order!

My outfit for the 50th party
My outfit for the 50th party

I bought my outfit for the party when I got mom helped pick it out because I have no style sense at all!  The top was smaller and so were the shorts…that is HUGE for me!  The number on the scale this morning SUCKS, true, BUT, how I felt on Saturday at the party is what really matters.  For the first time, in a very long time, I felt good about myself.  I didn’t feel like I was out of place or looked frumpy…I got dressed up, did my makeup, and felt GOOD!  GREAT even!  My hair is a different story…I have always hated my hair, and being near the ocean never helps!  Lets just say I felt like I was wearing a fluffy cotton ball on my head!  HAHHAHahaha…. but even that didn’t bother me that much…That means way more to me than any number on the scale. So, disappointed? HECK YES! Quitting? HECK NO! Starting over? YOU BET!

So here we go…
Weight: 269
Goal: 268

I won’t be walking today because I have done something to my lower back and when I walked yesterday it almost did me in. So today will be a rest day. We are also busy going to Port Alberni to check out an old Steam Train…that’s for Caleb who LOVES trains! The driving will just about kill me because it is uncomfortable to sit for a long time, but it will be worth it to see his little face light up when he sees the train! Wednesday I am going to my Auntie Norma’s for my walk and she says we will be walking on the beach! I can’t wait!

Have a great week all! Never give up! There will always be a speed bump in the road somewhere…take a good run at it and get some serious air! Then when you land on the other side…hit the ground running!! (or in my case, walking!) 😉

The view from a hill we walked up yesterday
The view from a hill we walked up yesterday

4 thoughts on “Square one….almost”

  1. These are great posts and I love reading through your journey! You are an inspiration to this couch potato! You are doing amazing!

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