The One Pound Plan

My Workout-plus a weekly check in

I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 3.95mi, time: 01:16:13, pace: 19:16min/mi, speed: 3.11mi/h.

Stopped for some coffee on our walk this morning

Well we have been at my parents place for 5 days so far.  It has been an endless buffet of snack food!   It usually is when I come home!   So I have not been eating very well!   Yeatersays walk let me know that too!   It was a long walk trying to work out the joint aches!   Lesson learned!   When I eat crap I feel like crap…tired,  sore,  LAZY!  Tack in little or no sleep because Abi is having trouble sleeping it makes working out so hard. 
So I really didn’t want to weigh in today thinking about the junk I have been eating.  I didn’t even want to walk because I was feeling so tired!   But I weighed in,  woke my dad up and off we went….I’m so glad we went!   There were no pace records broken but we walked almost 4 miles…that included our detour for coffee!  
Here’s the numbers:

Weight: 264
Goal: 263

When I have a minute…maybe while at the beach today…I will total up my walking numbers.  Until then…I’ll keep on keepin’  on! 

Happy Tuesday!

I forgot my walking hat at home so I HAD to get a new one....I like it!

2 thoughts on “My Workout-plus a weekly check in”

  1. You’re awesome Jenn & of course so is that hat!! Hope your visit is going well & I’m super impressed that you’re keeping up with your walking even while on vacation! You rock, keep it going & as always inspiring me to keep on track myself.

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