Team Diabetes, The One Pound Plan

Happy Wednesday!



That’s right…it’s the middle of the week!  AKA Hump Day!  I hope you are having a good week so far!  I am getting ready to head home–Courtenay BC–for our family vacation.  We leave in a week and I have 3 or 4 lists started of things to pack and remember…What a chore to have to pack for 2 kids now!

I can’t wait to get home!  My morning walks will be along the ocean and through my home town!  I will for sure be using “MapMyWalk” for people to see where I’m at!  We have planned beach days, a trip to Port Alberni to take an old steam train–for Caleb who LOVES trains!–walks, parks, a 50th anniversary/family reunion with my grand parents and so much more.  But most of all…relaxing in my parents back yard and letting the kids play….It can’t get here quick enough!

Well, I missed my update yesterday.  Two reasons (excuses more like).  One…I wasn’t feeling very well and so didn’t even use a computer.  Two…I had a bad week and didn’t want to post, what feels like to me, a failed week.  I don’t know what to say….Food just flies into my mouth!  If my mouth is open, there I’m either talking too much or there is food going into it.  I’m not even that hungry most of the time!  Oh well…today I started again with the menu and will keep starting again until I get it right.  It’s one pound!  ONE POUND!  I thought it wold be easier than this….guess I was wrong.  On a plus side, I am still down over all.  So I guess it’s not a complete fail…so here it is:

Weight: 262

Next Weeks Goal: 261 

I am taking my workouts more in a training view as well lately, so things should change soon.  I have 9 months to get ready for the Half Marathon in Scotland (Team Diabetes–see A New Adventure for more details) and I have to be able to walk a mile in 15 minutes or less…we shall see!  But my shoes are ready for the task!  Lets hope they don’t wear out before that trip!

Well…that’s about it for today!  Have you gone for a walk lately?  Where do you like to walk?




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