Team Diabetes

A New Adventure

Dear Friends and Family;

Diabetes is a disease that affects 3 million Canadians, 85,000 in Saskatchewan and millions of people all over the world.  I have a few people I know and love who are living with it.  My cousin, Mac, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 4.  He started kindergarten taking his own sugar readings.  No kid should have to do that.  Thanks to a special pump, my friend Christina is finding it easier to manage her insulin levels.  Although not a solution, it has been a big help in keeping her healthy. 

I believe we can find a cure!

That is why I have joined Team Diabetes Canada.  Team Diabetes is a program through the Canadian Diabetes Association that works to raise funds towards research for a cure, programs for kids living with diabetes, such as summer D-camps, and advocates on behalf all people living with the disease.  I will be going to EdinburghScotland, along with other members of Team Diabetes Canada, to take part in walking a half marathon on May 24, 2014.  I chose this event for two reasons:

  1. It’s a half marathon!  I can’t think of a better challenge than to walk 13 miles in support of a great cause!


  1. The opportunity to see another part of the world and join other team members in a walk to help find a cure and support those living with diabetes until a cure is found!


In order to make the trip and take part in the event I need to raise $6100.00.  It will not be an easy task to raise this money but I have faith that I will make my goal.  As a team member, I have been given some specific “goal” dates to have certain amounts raised in order to keep on track. 

By January 10, 2014: $2500.00

By March 7, 2014: $4500.00

By April 25, 2014: $6100.00

Here is how you can help.  You can go to my page on the Team site and enter your donation online directly.  I have included the link at the end of this letter.  From my pledge page you can “SHARE” the link with people you know.  Simply click on the “SHARE” button.   You can also “ReBlog” this post if you feel it is something you’d like to share. 

Chances are we all know and /or love someone who is living with diabetes.  Let’s find a cure together! Won’t you please join in the fight and help me raise the funds? Thank you in advance for your consideration in giving to this cause.





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