The One Pound Plan

Drum Roll Please…

Well…look at that.  It’s Tuesday again!  And that means I have another weigh in to do.  Other than a bad road trip/eating day on Saturday, I have been trying really hard to eat well and stick to my menu.  The coffee thing you ask?  Well, what can I say…”Hello, my name is Jenn and I am addicted to coffee!”  I have not been able to stop after one cup…however, I have been stopping after 2.  So that is a small improvement….I guess.

Here we go:

Weight: 261

Next Goal: 260

The walking is doing well too.  Last weeks totals were:

Total Steps: 21116

Total Miles: 9.12

There were a couple days last week that walking just didn’t happen…hence the low steps and miles for the week…oh well!  This week will be a full week of walking.  I have some training to do for my next big adventure (a post to be made later today!)

So, there was something I forgot to do way back when I posted my starting pictures…report my measurements.  Well I am going to do that today as well as give an update.  This morning Pamela and I did our measurements to see where we are at…and well, I was fairly happy with what I saw…

Start: (June 4th)          Today: (July 23)

Waist: 53 in                        50.5

Hips: 52                              51.5

Thigh: 26                            27.5

Calf: 16.5                            17.75

Upper Arm: 16.5               17.75

Chest:                                   50.5

Some of my numbers have gone up and I was upset about that at fist.  Then Pamela pointed out that I have been gaining muscle as we have been doing squats, push ups and walking….oh yeah, that`s right!  So over all, I am happy with these numbers.

Well folks, there you have it!  Have a great rest of the week….now get off the computer and get outside and go for a walk!  It`s a lovely day (even if it`s raining…you WON`T MELT!)



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