The One Pound Plan

Tuesday Coffee Break

I love coffee!  Those who know me know that I LOVE Tim Horton’s coffee!  Maybe a little too much…NAAA!  So this morning as I am enjoying a coffee I will post my weekly update.  I am sad to report it was not a good week…scale wise.  However; I have made huge changes in how I deal with this kind of set back…so that is a good thing.  I didn’t get to my walk this morning.  We had a late night with miss Abi and it was so gloomy I decided to sleep in instead.  No biggy…back at it tomorrow with Pamela!  Yeah..she’s back!!!

Lets do this…

Weight: 263

Goal next week: 262

If your keeping up with the math you will know what the numbers are here.  Oh Well…It’s better than what I saw on Friday!  MUCH better!  Back at it tomorrow!  The menu is doing ok…accept when I chose a chicken burger from McDonalds for supper!  Oh well…today is a great day to start again!  And I shall!

Now this is for you Pamela…Hope your day gets better…hope this makes you smile at least!  Love you friend!


Enjoy your coffee folks!  Have a great Tuesday!


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