The One Pound Plan

Happy Monday…bla

Hello all!  Well, it’s Monday.  My first week of holidays is done and gone!  I can’t believe how fast that went!  Brian and Caleb went to Boys Camp for the week so Miss Abi and I had a Girl’s Week!  It was GREAT  but I was happy to have my boys home!

Even though I was on holidays and it was just us girls, I still got up at 5am every morning and had something to eat.  I let Abi sleep as long as she wanted…we are working on letting her go to sleep so she spent lots of late nights crying herself to sleep.  We went for some walks later in the day–not on Wednesday though because I was too lazy!  In the evenings we went to a friends place and has a Twilight Movie marathon all week.  So much fun to visit!  I even got to see a friend I haven’t seen in such a long time!  It was great to see her!  Pamela took off on Wednesday until later today …. so I have been walking buddy less!  THANKS!  hahaha…Just kidding.  She had a wedding to go to and some friends to see over the weekend…tis all good!  My friend Cindy and her little girl, Evelyn, came with Abi and I for one walk.

Here are the walking stats for last week:

Total Steps: 38198

Total Miles: 16.59

Total Time: 309

I did a “bad” thing on Friday.  I thought I would see how I was doing on the scale and so took a look!  What a mistake!  I was up…a lot!  I was so mad I went for a walk on Saturday morning!  I hate food!  I hate that I love it so much!  But I’m over it now.  Today is back to getting on track!  The only number that will count will be the number I see tomorrow!  No more peeking for me!

One thing that is a plus for last week is Pamela and I started the 30 Day Squat challenge!  YIKES!  My legs are sore!  Confession … I didn’t do them last night because Abi went to bed really good so I crocheted instead… 😦  I will do double tonight to catch up!  We also added push ups and crunches…I’m up to 15 push ups and 50 crunches.  I might have to get Brian to do them with me so I don’t feel like a DORK doing them while he watches tv!  hahahaha….

I have to say a HUGE thanks to my hubby Brian!  He has been great with my starting this little journey.  He encourages me and tries to keep me on track.  Love you so much!  Brian

Well folks…I’ve been rambling!  Get back to work or what ever it was you were doing!  hahaha…Have a great week!  See you tomorrow at the Scale!



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