The One Pound Plan

Weekly weigh in…

Well it’s Tuesday. ..although it feels like Monday because of the long weekend. Today we were joined by Miss Abi on our walk. She still isn’t sleeping well and was awake at 445 this morning. She didn’t want to go back to bed so she came with us.
Pamela picked us up so I didn’t take the stroller…I didn’t know if it would go in her trunk…but I took her carrier. Let me tell you, if you want to up your walking workout, carry an extra 23 lbs on your chest! She did so great and about three quarters through she driffted off into a deep sleep.

It was a great work out. I sure do feel my legs after that walk.

Well here is my weekely weigh in…
I’m at 264 lbs as of this morning. My next week goal is to lose one more lb.
We are almost 30 miles into our “trip” and going strong.
I have to admit though….I’m struggling to keep going. About this time in any attempt I start to find reasons to not go. I know this is normal…for me I have to push myself extra hard. Even though I know I’m focusing on 1lb at a time, part of me is so disappointed that I haven’t lost more weight. I do know the reason for that…my love of food! I’m so excited to start my menu this week. I have made a 4 week menu (2 weeks that will alternate over 4 weeks) that has me getting 1500 calories a day. All of the food I like and am prety sure It will keep me from snacking and over eating. Once the menu gets going, I’m sure I’ll see more change.
Thursday I have a blood pressure check up…am praying its still down so u don’t need meds.

Well have a great week all!
Bless and be blessed!



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