The Road Home

It’s Friday…..AND a Long Weekend!

Well, the last 2 nights have been very tough as far as sleep goes in our house.  The past couple of night Miss Abi has decided that sleep is optional.  So, it’s been a long Friday at work…even though I only work 4 hours!  I am looking forward to a long weekend!

This morning I cheated a little and jumped on the scale to see if I had made any progress…all I will tell you is YES!  The update on that will be on Tuesday!  But, it has been another great week of walking and I have an update on that …

Total Steps: 26368

Total Miles: 12.46

Total Time: 228 minutes

We only missed one day because I couldn’t get my very tired butt out of bed.  That won’t be happening again!  I sure noticed that I hadn’t walked that day as I dragged my lazy butt around the house…ahahaha…

Well, that’s all I have to report!  Have a GREAT long weekend everyone!  Talk to you on Tuesday!


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