The Road Home

Little hands

So the last couple of days have been very challenging in our house.  Caleb has been making up for lost time as far as the “terrible two’s” go.  Yikes!   He doesn’t want to do anything he is supposed to do and wants to do everything we tell him not to do!   Perfectly normal!   I get it!   I just can’t stand it sometimes!  

The other struggle we are having is his not wanting to eat.  This has been an on going struggle since he was born.  Thankfully Abi will eat anything we give her!   For that matter she tries to eat what ever she can get her hands on! 

Yesterday it was the worst it has been in a long time.  We had gone to DQ to get lunch and treats for dessert for Fathers day…Brian was sick on Sunday so we tried to do something yesterday.  Would he eat…Nope!   I gave him a time frame at which point the food was going away if he wasn’t eating (something the dietician told us to do).  When the time was up,  and after a lot of crying and yelling,  I took his plate and threw the food away.  You would think I was killing him the screaming that came after this.  At this point I was almost ready to cry myself. 

Brace yourself…this gets ugly!   He decided he in fact wanted to eat his dinner and was very upset that I threw it out.  So….I went and took it back for him.  The bag was freshly changed so that was all that was in it…otherwise there was no way that was happening.  Go ahead…I know,  it sounds gross.  But wait theres more.  I took the plate to him and said “mommys sorry,  heres your dinner.  Would like to watch a show and eat now? ”  To which he replied “NO!” And took the plate and emptied it in the garbage!  

I mumbled a quick angry prayer under my breath,  went to the bathroom and then stepped outside to check on my plants!   I needed to walk away.  Brian came to check on me and I told him I needed a time out,  I was fine. 

About a half an hour later my son joined me in the front yard riding his bike and chatting happily away.  It made my heart smile.  While I was trying to decide what to do next he took my hand and said “Walk?  Mom?  Dat way?”  So we went for a little walk where we talked and laughed.  Later he ate a huge bowl of cereal before bed. 
I guess I’m not supposed to understand what happened yesterday,  but I can tell you two truths….

1. Prayer works!   Its a better answer than blowing up!

2. I have an amazingly cute kid and I love him with all my heart…even when he’s being a butt head!


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