The One Pound Plan

2.6 miles down, 226miles to go!

I like goals.  I like having a destination for my journey.  This morning I weighed in and,  drum role please..yep,  am still down that pound!   WOOHOO!  In fact,  I met the next pound amd kissed that good bye too!   At the end of the month I will do a total loss and set my next goal…but for now,  that pound is long gone!

Today I also started a little walking program with my good friemd Pamela!   She is an amazing women and we had a great time walking,  talking amd drinking coffee (that might have been a little counter productive vut hey…it was early! )  Along our path we saw signs of new life…


A family of geese all looking after their young as a community…it was very cool. 

As we were getting closer to being done,  I checked in with my pedometre to see our progress…and I had a brain wave…what if we tracked our distance and walked somewhere….in theory.  I picked something random (but not really because I want to go here someday) and decided to look up the distance.  The destination?   ROME TO VENICE!   According to Google maps its 4 days amd 7 hours to walk from point a to point b.  It works out to 228.6 miles!   So there is the walking goal!   So not only will I log my pound progress,  I will also log our walking progress….so heres todays log..
6070 steps
2.6 miles
51 minutes

We have all summer to make the trip…I just wish we could take pictures and send post cards of our trip!   Might have to learn how to use PhotoShop!   Hahaha

Have a greay week!   Get moving folks!  Its going to be a beautiful day!


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