My Life in a Nutshell...or the Nuthouse!

My Hero! My Son!

So this past year has had some HUGE changes in our family! We closed out Western (still coming to terms with this), bought and moved into our new house. Had a baby girl–Abigail and she is BEAUTIFUL! And my son started Pre-School. Not just any pre-school, but one that is designed to help him with his communication needs. It’s been a crazy, emotional, stressful, joyful time!

This past Monday, Caleb graduated from pre-school. Well, not really, he will be back there again next year, but he went through the ceremony and got a certificate that said he was there 🙂 It was a great day! A year ago he didn’t have many words…like maybe 5 or 6…and I was teaching him signing to help lower the stress level in our house. It was working fantastically! In September he started school and right away we noticed a change. Being around the kids and getting help from the teachers he was starting to try! We heard more words and I started keeping a list (I’ll post that list later because it’s impressive!) of his first 100 words! He had them in no time! Every time we heard a new word come out of his cute little mouth, I would get a little chocked up! My little boy was finally catching up!

I have no idea what life has been like through his eyes…I may never know because I’m sure he won’t remember any of this stuff when he is older. But I can tell you from a mom’s view it is so hard when you can’t communicate with your child. All the time spent crying as we try to talk to each other and watching him be so frustrated that I wasn’t getting it. It was really hard! Even harder when you see him playing and he doesn’t even make car noises or “play” like other kids his age. There were a lot of conversations had about what was going on. Delayed speech is what it all came down to. Why? No idea. I don’t care…he is catching up! We went on a trip to South Dakota last month and he chattered and talked for 7 of the 10 hours we were in the car. It was FANTASTIC! You will never hear me say I wish he would stop talking! hahahaha!

Today he can tell me almost anything he wants and I understand most of it. When I don’t understand I have the tools now to help him show me so I can get it. The journey isn’t over, not by a long shot…but it is getting sweeter! I love his voice and when he says “Ohh…Fank You Mommy!” (that’s thank you) I can’t help but smile! All the prayers and support from family and friends have meant sooo much to us! I’m sending out a HUGE FANK YOU! to all of you! and of course to GOD who has heard my frustrations so many times! With out him I am not sure how I would have made it!

Way to go Caleb…you are my HERO!


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