The One Pound Plan, The Road Home

Goal Achieved~Now to keep it off…

Well….as I thought, it wasn’t that hard to get that one pound knocked off. “Well of course not! It’s just one pound” you say…well, for me its the first step in a HUGE success plan I have going on! I will never see 273 again!

I have discovered something about myself. I think I have known this for a long time but it was really obvious to me this past week. Some of you know that I used to drink like a fish! Yep, I am a recovered alcoholic. I never drank to forget a hard life, to escape a bad day, to be self-destructive. I drank because I loved the feeling of being drunk. That’s it. The sooner I got that way and the longer I could stay that way the better the night was. I was a happy, loud, funny drunk… the life of the party (sometimes). I feel the same way when I eat. I love the feeling of being FULL! The satisfaction of eating something I really love is like being drunk for me. I realized that on Saturday night when I caved and ordered out for some Chinese food. I LOVE ginger beef! So I stuffed my face with ginger beef and noodles, a Pepsi, and then ate some chips that were in the kitchen. It felt so good to be full and to have enjoyed every bite! Then it hit me…everything I had done since last Tuesday to try and lose that one pound may have been for nothing after this one meal! I was instantly angry with myself…so what did I do…yep, had some ice cream! Why not, the damage had been done already. UGG!

SO on Sunday I started again. I forgot about Saturday, wrote it off as a bad day and drank water, slept when I could (really tired from Relay for Life). I spent time thinking about my “Need” to eat and be full. Then it hit me….I have traded my Crown and Coke for cheese burgers and Pepsi! I haven’t really recovered…I’ve just replaced the booze with food. Which is why I’m so glad I am working through a great devo called Made to Crave!

I have 2 choices here. I can either continue to struggle with this need to be full and break down and start over all week OR I can change that need to be filled by food into a need to be filled with GOD! I do have a back door to this problem. I can pray for strength, read my bible, talk to God like he’s right there and seek his advice. I will always struggle with food. I’d rather that than alcohol. But I don’t have to let it win. God can be my portion, my bread, my strength.

I’m not really sure where I was going with this post now. hehehe…all this to say I have lost my pound. (I have lost more but I’m not going to tell you how much!) I will focus on one more this week (from Tuesday to Tuesday) and see where I end up. At the end of the month I will share an update on my new goal weight. You can do the math to figure out what I have lost. 🙂 Have a great week!

If you would like to take the journey and learn to Crave God…here is the link to the site. They will email you a reading every day for 21 days…they are very encouraging!



4 thoughts on “Goal Achieved~Now to keep it off…”

  1. Good Job Jenn, that first pound feels fantastic. I agree with you about making small goals, it seems much more achievable than that overall goal as a whole. And when you reach the small goals you are that much closer to the big goal. That’s what I did with my weight loss after I had Colin. I made goals of 5 pounds at a time. Because looking at the end goal was too much, but 5 pounds is doable. And once I reached that I would aim for the next 5 pounds. And now I can see all those goals that I made, all those spots I thought were difficult to reach, I made it there. Small goals can be big accomplishments. Keep it up Jenn.

  2. Hey Beautiful!
    I loved reading your post! I’m so proud of you and the amazing mom and wife that you are to Caleb, Abi, and Bryan! You are an amazing encouragement to me and I love you very much and can’t wait to have coffee with you again soon. I will be praying for you until then! Lots of Love! H

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