The One Pound Plan

As Promised…

My starting pictures… they aren’t the greatest but this is me!


Check out the pipes!


The gut…it loves to store food!



The lovely roll…soon to be gone!

Well there I am.  I will get measurements too soon.  I have learned that even though the scale is slow to show results,  the measuring tape sometimes makes up for that.

So far it has been tough training my brain that I don’t need to snack.  But I’m making small steps.  Tomorrow is another day to succeed!

Night all

Wouldn’t it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply pres ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ and start all over?


4 thoughts on “As Promised…”

  1. Congratulations Jenn…I’m looking forward to seeing your progress and cheering you on. I hope you are super successful, but remember – if you do fall off the wagon, you haven’t messed up the entire day. Deal with each incident as soon as it happens, then move on. Praying for God’s blessings to rain down on you.

    ps: don’t forget…you can snack, but your snacks have to be healthy. Build them into your daily meal plan and enjoy!

    1. hanks Pamela! The cheering is appreciated. Yeah…snacking is huge for me…I snack all day and call it mini meals..hahahha….hardly call 3 fresh chocolate chip cookies a meal though! Hahaha…so I’m teaching myself to grab healthy. The other night I was on a snack hunt and opened the fridge to find a huge chocolate cake left from my birthday….I grabbed yogurt while staring at thw cake…hahahha..very proud of myself. Little things like that I’m working on. Sure felt good to walk away! 🙂

      Thanks again…hugs!

  2. Jenn, this is such an encouragement to me. Your honesty here is such a wonderful and refreshing thing! Thanks for being vulnerable…. it is a testimony to others. xoxo

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