The One Pound Plan

One step and One Pound at a time…

I used to want to do a triathlon by my 40th birthday. The first time I looked into I and thought seriously about trying for it I ended up pregnant with my little angle Abigail. So, I put it off until after she was born. Then came the lack of time to go to the gym and the money to get a membership. All just excuses I’m sure, but effective in keeping me from starting. The main reason I wanted to train was so I could kick start my weight loss and lose 120lbs. Yep, that’s what I said…120! So with the triathlon out of sight, I switch to just getting more active and losing the weight.

It started just like every other time I have started–hopeful! I had a plan–menu planning and eating better, move more, drink water. I had a goal–lose 120lbs. I didn’t have a time line–when ever it happens it happens. I lasted 1 day! GAA! What is my problem!? It’s not like I don’t want to lose the weight…it’s not like I don’t have the motivation–my kids, my husband. So what is it! Then one day it dawned on me…my goal was too big! I was expecting too much from myself! FAIL! How do I fix this…and then I figured out another plan!

One pound…one step at a time…
I will vow to lose 1lb and keep it off for 1 year. That’s right, 1lb, 1 year….how will I reach my 120lb goal? Well I’m hoping I will ultimately lose more than one pound, but by focusing on just one, I take the pressure off of realizing the bigger picture. Does that make sense?

Weigh ins
I will weigh my self every week (Tuesdays). If I have lost 1lb, I will work on one more and work on keeping that first pound off. Anything extra will be noted, but not focused on…only 1lb at a time! Even I can lose 1lb and keep it off for a year!

Visual record…
I will take starting pictures and then follow up pictures as I go. This will help me SEE what’s happening…

What will this accomplish?
By only needing to lose 1lb I don’t feel like I have to lose all 120 over night. That’s my biggest problem. If I don’t see progress right away I feel defeated.

Will it work?
Won’t know until I try. So here it goes…One Pound…One step at a time begins now…

First weigh in:
273lbs (pictures to follow before my next weigh in)

Prayer requests:
Pray that I will make wise food choices, drink my water before snacking, and feel strong instead of defeat!


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