The Road Home

Clear as Mud Directions


I came across a bible quote today that made me scratch my head–“You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north.” (Deut. 2:3) I had to look it up to get the full context. What I found gave me great hope! It also answered a question I have been asking for years–Does God ever give a clear direction or am I supposed to wander around until I get it right?

The answer is YES and YES! That’s what the people were doing when I read this passage. They had been wandering around in the desert for 40 years! Then God says…ok, you’ve wandered enough…head north. He also gives other instructions about not upsetting the people who live in that land as it is there and he has plans for them on the other side. (you have to read it to get a better idea…I’m terrible at paraphrasing!) But I was shocked to see that God just spoke to them what he wanted them to do. That never happens for me. I mean, I can look back at things in my life and see where God has been prodding me to go the way he has planned…I can also see where I have missed the path and had to be guided back. But there have never been any out loud directions spoken…I’m sure you have found yourself saying; “Can’t you just write it on the wall so I know what I’m doing?”

The hope in what I read is that he will…IF I pay attention I will get what I need. In order to pay attention, I need to be focusing on HIM…to focus on him I need to make HIM the centre of my life. Hmm…that is something I need to work on for sure…that might clear up some of this mud I find myself in most of the time…


2 thoughts on “Clear as Mud Directions”

  1. ah Jenn, love your fresh look at life and the things you learn as you go, so glad our paths crossed and continue to cross now still.

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